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Sports bars, especially in the United States are very popular. With Sports on the rise in India, we found a niche in the market that needed to be filled. Although at Underdoggs we have taken the concept and packaged it in our own authentic way to take it a couple steps forward. Designed to create a very chic- cosmopolitan ambience with a focus on casual menu items and numerous gaming options, TV's constantly streaming live sports, sports highlights, sports bloopers and music videos...

Underdoggs creates a fun and interactive experience where it's patrons can spend hours at a time and be left wondering how the time passed by. As our name depicts, we get our inspiration from the underdogs in the sporting arena. The greatest sporting moments remembered in history are those underdog moments where against all odds a certain individual or team shocked the world. Our walls are plastered with larger than life sports underdog stories. It's true that everybody at some point in time has felt like the underdog in his or her life, whether at home, work, school or in a relationship, so it's a name anybody can relate to and root for. Our turtle mascot was chosen for this very reason too, symbolizing the most universally known underdog story about the race between the turtle and the hare. Our bar & grill is a tribute to all the underdogs out there.

A True Sports Bar

to the Core

We create a stadium like experience on game day, with live commentary on match days. Dedicated to bringing all the sporting coverage to India from around the world. There is a growing interest of various sports among India's consumers, more coverage by TV channels, new sporting ventures entering from abroad and starting nationally. Underdoggs aims to be the sporting hub for fans nationwide.

The Ultimate Sports

Viewing Experience

Customized, superior quality A/V system and HD TV package with over 30 TV's per location: The Sports Headquarters.

Visual Entertainment


Featuring a customized music genre selection for every hour, never repeating the same tracks twice in a given day. Amped up with 16,000 music videos, sports highlights & blooper video & on screen advertising keep our guests engaged. There's never a dull moment at Underdoggs, any time of the day.

Craft Beer

Think Local- Drink Global

Brewed with passion, we produce top class quality craft beer, true to its style with no compromise on ingredients. Craft beer drives repeat business; acts as a competitive advantage in the market & ask any of our customers- they love it!

Ice Cold Beer

& Group Drink-ware

A full range of import and draft beer is on selection, always served up in a chilled glass. Exciting drink ware- beer tubes, team cocktails, yard glasses and bomber shots. We also pay a special emphasis on our non-alcoholic beverage selection to meet the demands of the market.


Gaming Options

Sporting pool tables, foosball, darts, beer pong, carom board and a multitude of board games, there's no end to the fun on offer.

Handcrafted Cocktails

Crafted for Good Times

Featuring original handcrafted cocktails made by the best mixologists in the industry. We mix up fresh, bold & nostalgic cocktails that keep our guests coming back for.

Gourmet Grub

Food for the soul

Made to order, sharply presented & prepared from scratch. Our menu features what our guest's desire most, crafted together from years of market experience. Offering shareable portions to make enjoying the big game in a group setting a whole lot better!


To Last

Underdoggs decor and theme is extremely chic with a cosmopolitan ambience and high tech sporty edge, to truly capture the essence of sports in today's day and age..

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Customers & Friends
"It was a dream come true! Our association with Underdoggs has taught us so much about the industry. I'm certain there isn't a better brand to have started with. I learn more from them every day."
Rahul Jasrasaria
"Underdoggs entire team is thoroughly professional and always improvising their marketing strategies and improving the overall quality of service towards its customers. Lucknow had a tremendous response after its opening & even after many competitors entered the market, Underdoggs remained indispensable because of its unique concept. An Underdoggs franchise is highly recommended to entrepreneurs not only looking to open a restaurant but for those who want to give their customers the ultimate entertainment experience."
Minakshi Singh
"Underdogs is definitely my favourite hangout spot in India. They have been a great supporter of me in my IPL career. Would highly recommend it as the spot to enjoy with friends and they will certainly go out of their way for you"