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"It was a dream come true! Our association with Underdoggs has taught us so much about the industry. I'm certain there isn't a better brand to have started with. I learn more from them every day."
Rahul Jasrasaria
"Underdoggs entire team is thoroughly professional and always improvising their marketing strategies and improving the overall quality of service towards its customers. Lucknow had a tremendous response after its opening & even after many competitors entered the market, Underdoggs remained indispensable because of its unique concept. An Underdoggs franchise is highly recommended to entrepreneurs not only looking to open a restaurant but for those who want to give their customers the ultimate entertainment experience."
Minakshi Singh
"Underdogs is definitely my favourite hangout spot in India. They have been a great supporter of me in my IPL career. Would highly recommend it as the spot to enjoy with friends and they will certainly go out of their way for you"